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Courses and Events

If you would like to book on any of these courses please contact the course provider using the links below.


Field Studies Council courses    fsc logo

Preston Montford, Shropshire

Identifying Trees in Winter                                              30th January 2018

Identification of Woodland Plants                                  15th May 2018

Plant Identification for Field Surveyors                         17th May 2018

Plant Identification for Phase 1 Habitat                         
Surveys: Grasslands                                                            22nd May 2018

Identification of Grasses (The Poaceae)                         29th May 2018

Introduction to National Vegetation                              
Classification Surveys (Grasslands)                                7th June 2018

Identifying Sedges and their Allies                                    
(The Cyperaceae)                                                                 19th June 2018

Identification of Heathland Plants                                   10th July 2018

Identification of Aquatic Plants                                        31st July 2018

Tackling Daisies, Dandelions and Thistles                     
(The Asteraceae)                                                                  9th August 2018

Plant Identification using the Vegetative Key               6th September 2018


Phase 1 Habitat Surveys *                                                    20th - 23rd April 2018

Introduction to Biological Recording *                             27th - 30th April 2018

Using a Flora *                                                                        31st May - 4th June 2018

Identifying Difficult Higher Plants *                                  8th - 11th June 2018

Site Assessment using Vegetation *                                   22nd - 25th June 2018

Grasses, Sedges and Rushes *                                             27th - 30th July 2018

Monitoring and Surveying for Conservation                   2nd - 9th September 2018



Margam Discovery Centre, Neath Port Talbot

Plant Identification for Field Surveyors                             4th - 6th May 2018

Grasses, Sedges and Rushes *                                              20th - 23rd July 2018

Vegetative Plant Identification 
                                          31st August - 2nd September 2018


*  These courses are accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) as part of their MSc Biological Recording and University Certificate in Biological Recording and Species Identification programmes.  
For more information about the MMU courses see:


There are many other courses run by MMU and the FSC - see their websites for more information.


3 Hagges Wood, York

Spring Grass Identification                                                                 Tuesday 8th May 2018       

Botanical Identification for Improvers                                 Wednesday 9th May 2018                               

About our Courses & Events...

Conifer ID course
I really enjoyed last week's training course. The mix of lab and field ID was just right. I must also admit you’ve re-kindled my enthusiasm for plant morphology.

'Conifer Identification' course member
Great course and great instruction. I will be recommending to my colleagues.

'Conifer Identification' course member
I’d just like to say I thought the course was excellent and I’d really love to be able to attend another of your courses.

Mark was exceptional. Very good technically, great interpersonal skills and fantastic resources.

So informative and I feel like I came away with the skills to identify on my own.